Cold Weather Technology Tip - Condensation

Ever accidentally leave your laptop in your car overnight during the winter?

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It happens from time to time, but you should take my piece of advice before you power on that icy cold laptop..... DONT DO IT! The best thing to do is take it inside to your office or house and give it some time to get to room temperature. Yea it may take 30 minutes or more but it's worth it. Know why? An icy cold laptop that suddenly becomes warm or even hot in a short period of time (like booting it up) will cause condensation to form on the inside electronics (the cpu/motherboard/hard drive/etc). And everyone knows that water + computer = one sad panda :(

Don't want to listen to my free advice? That's fine. Give us a call when your laptop becomes a cold paperweight (I promise not to laugh at you)...

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