How To Keep Those Family Holiday Pictures Safe

I'm sure you all know the answer before I write it: Backup your stuff!! Don't let your family photos of this holiday weekend get lost in a hard drive crash. Here's a quick list of some easy ways to keep a backup copy of those photos:

  • Picasa (a Google product)
  • HTTC backup (a new service we offer)
  • USB drive
  1. Let's start with Picasa. This is a free online picture sharing service/photo organization tool offered by Google. Super simple to implement. Just sign in with a Google account (or create one if you don't have one) and install the software. Picasa will automatically find all your photos and you can tell it which ones to upload to your Google account. You get 1GB of free storage, but they have reasonably priced extra storage options as well.

Picasa Online

What about Facebook you ask? Well yes, you can upload pictures to your Facebook account with no storage limit. However the caveat is that these are reduced quality images. If you try to get a photo printed that was previously on your Facebook account, it won't come out nearly as good (lots of artifacts and fuzziness). The nice thing about Picasa is that you can upload your full image size photos so that you don't have to sacrifice the quality.

  1. HTTC Backup is a new service we offer to all our business and home users. For $20/month per machine(servers are not included) you get 100GB of online storage that can be used for pictures, music or just about any important documents you need to keep an emergency backup of. Plus, we can monitor your backups for errors and alert you if your machine misses any regularly scheduled backup. Simply install the backup agent and pick what files or folders you want backed up. You can call or email us for support anytime if you need help with the setup or for any errors you may get. It's all included in the service. Contact us to start the process.

  2. And finally, the simplest of backups humanly possible. Just go to any office supply store, Amazon, or Best Buy and pickup an external USB drive. Plug it in, grab your "Pictures" folder (or any other folder/files you want) and simply drag and drop it onto your new USB drive. Voila! Instant backup. Of course, this won't help you if you misplace the drive or lose it in an accident. But at least you've got some kind of backup available(which is more than most people have). Don't wait until the last minute!

plugging USB drive for backup

PS - all three options are available to PC and Mac users. Heck, option #3 is even better for Mac since you can just use Time Machine to schedule your backups. It's really set it and forget it.

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