Small Business and Cyber Security

A recent article on had me thinking about the state of cyber security in small businesses today.


Some interesting statistics were being thrown around, but the numbers are a little alarming:

In fact, 66% of small business owners are not even worried about a cyber attack--despite the fact that 73% of the businesses polled felt that a secure internet connection was crucial to their success, and 77% thought that strong cyber security helped the company brand.

Quite a disconnect there.

This underscores an issue that many small businesses fail to take into consideration when planning their budget. Rather than have room in their budget for proper IT coverage, they just go without and hope for the best. Unfortunately they don't understand that it ends up being much more costly to recover from a major cyber security issue or breach than to have proactive approach using experienced IT support. Luckily we can do network security audits and penetration tests to give you an idea where you stand. We can help make a plan to keep your network and data secure so you can continue running your business while we take care of your technology.

Schedule a free consultation so we can get the process started and get you on track to peace of mind.

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