Why Does My Mac Keep Waking Up?

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Ever have this happen to you? Normally before I head off to bed I set my iMac to sleep. I even have the power settings scheduled to auto sleep at 12am just in case I forget. Typically in the past I've never had an issue with my iMac waking up at random intervals, but if it did it was usually due to a cheap or incompatible USB device (I had an old scanner that was the culprit last time). Recently this wasn't the case. Quite a few nights I'd be awoken by a bright light (the iMac is in the room right next to my bedroom door and the screen illumination felt like the sun shining in my face at 2am). As you can imagine, this was not cool. Quickly I started to test by removing all extraneous USB devices (Time Machine drives, iPods, etc). No joy. No matter what I tried, I'd be awoken late at night by a glowing screen. A little digging into my system logs uncovered this little tidbit of information:

kernel: Wake reason: GIGE (Network)

Ah ha! That's so easy I feel kinda stupid. I must have checked the box under Energy Saver settings for "Wake for Network access." Confident that I'd solved the problem I rush back to bed (it's late and I hate losing sleep over something like this...)

alt Unfortunately that was short lived as I was woken up yet again later that morning. Combing back through the logs I noticed the same reason for waking up as last time:

kernel: Wake reason: GIGE (Network)

Son of a...... OK something is wrong. After opening the Energy Saver settings I noticed something odd. That damn setting is checked for "Wake for Network access." Why did it automatically re-check itself? Then it donned on me...Logmein. Logmein has a setting that allows Wake on Lan to be enabled.

alt Logmein Wake On Lan settings in OSX

Turns out, even after manually checking the settings in the Energy Saver, Logmein was overriding my selection and rechecking the "Wake for Network access" feature. I'm happy to report that I can now sleep through the night!

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